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Hey, thanks for checking out our Sans Undertale wallpaper collection. Here you’ll find nothing but - you guessed it - wallpapers that include Sans, everyone’s favorite short and stubby skeleton. We host a large variety of wallpapers that feature Sans and offer them in various resolutions to ensure you’ll find one that fits your device. Also just look through the web-site and find new wallpaper collections.

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About Sans Undertale

Undertale is an indie-darling that was initially released on Sept. 15, 2015, by Toby Fox. One of the game’s more popular characters is a dude named Sans. Although, Sans isn’t really a dude because dudes are usually humans. Sans is actually a vertically challenged skeleton who has dimpled smile (we know, what a strange trait for a skeleton to have, right?)

Every Undertale character is pretty quirky in their own right, but Sans might be the quirkiest and one of the most unique in the game. His demeanor sometimes changes throughout the game but he’s mostly a pretty relaxed pacifist that also enjoys playing pranks on the game’s protagonist and his brother, Papyrus. Sometimes you’ll find him sleeping on the job or taking frequent breaks. His excuse for his laziness is based on his understanding of “the timeline.” When the timeline resets, all of Sans’ progress is erased, so to avoid doing too much of anything, he simply does nothing.

Sans is a very keen character, however. He is an expert at reading the protagonist’s expressions and usually knows when they’ve done things. One of his favorite pastimes is making bad skeleton puns. But while they’re frequently bad, Sans often performs at MTT Resort, a hotel and entertainment center, indicating that he might actually be a pretty good comedian. Either that or people just love to laugh at him.

Sans also has a pretty intense love and admiration for Papyrus - his brother, not actual papyrus. When the protagonist and Sans first meet, the protagonist has the chance to kill Papyrus. If the player kills Papyrus then the relationship between the player and Sans is considerably altered. Throughout most of the game’s paths, Sans and the player remain pretty good friends. In the “True Pacifist Route, Sans even considers the player his good friend. However, if the player goes the genocide route then Sans actually becomes the final boss.

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