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Dreaming about L.A.

What would I want to do in a city with close to 4 million people in two days? The first thing I would really want to do is visit the gigantic Hollywood sign. I have often seen this sign in many movies from all manner of angles. The most memorable is in the movie -The Day After Tomorrow when the sign is destroyed by a giant whirlwind looking force of nature. I would want to see the sign for myself and replay some of the movies in my head.

The second place I would want to visit is Universal Studios. Movies are a slice of life and I would want to experience the whole cake. The fancy and thrilling rides along with trying to understand the magic of movie making would definitely give me the whole cake. I would be that tourist taking an insane amount of pictures, having off course carried a memory card with enough space to accommodate all manner of selfies. I would pay specific attention to the Fast and the Furious ride as I have avidly followed this great series of movies from Inception to its current offering, Fast and the Furious 8.

Without straying far from the movies, the third place I would visit is the Hollywood Walk of Fame and once again capture numerous photos of the Hollywood stars that I consistently watch on television. I would want to understand what it would take to get my name on the most famous sidewalk in the world.

I am an avid foodie and would want to visit famous places in L.A. My starting point would be with street food, from a food truck. The truck I would be in search of, is Koggi Barbeque for the much raved about 'Black Jack Quesadilla'. This melt in your mouth goodness features caramelized onions and spicy pork with jack and cheddar cheeses hugged gently by huge flour tortillas. I would then order a taco to take away and eat later after the next destination.

The next destination is the L.A. Natural History museum. I would be interested in sampling the collection of 35 million specimens and artifacts dating million of years back. I would particularly be interested in the sections that cover African Mammals and the Dinosaur Hall where I can interact with the massive and frightening T. Rex.

After a fascinating lesson on history and engagement with millions of specimen, I would definitely need some downtime. The Highland Park Bowl which features features a wonderful bowling alley when one can bowl as they unwind with the drink. I would be curious to try the draft beers. The bar has a kitchen and I would be on hand to try out some barbeque chicken, or even the usual bar food such as chicken wings or sliders.

My two days in LA would involve no sleep so copious amounts of coffee would continually be on hand to keep me awake and going. An occasional red bull would provide some level of energy as I traverse the numerous sights in Los Angeles.

Written by Willy

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